2013: The Year I Bake Bread

It’s my year.  I say that every year, and I believe it every year.  This year is no exception.  2013, it’s going to be my year.  I have a lot of goals and resolutions for the upcoming year – including but not limited to: getting up earlier in the morning, going to church once a week, eating more tacos and learning to bake bread.  I am most excited about the last two. 

Baking bread appeals to me for a lot of reasons.  One, I love bread.  It’s one of my favorite things. When a waiter offers to bring more bread, I always say yes.  I have a serious bread weakness and I will not apologize for it.  Two, I like the organization of baking.  I like to do things in an orderly way, and I like to line up all my ingredients, measure them carefully and set timers.  I find it comforting.  Three, I admit that baking bread at home kind of makes me feel like I am living one of the Little House on the Prairie or American Girl books that I loved so much when I was younger.  There were always scenes of women spending entire days baking bread for their families, and I loved it.  Four, my boyfriend Evan is already a fantastic cook.  I like cooking, but he really loves it.  So we didn’t need another enthusiastic cook in the house.  We need a baker! Specialization within the household, people.  Finally, I need a hobby, and learning how to make one of my favorite things at home seemed like a good idea.

Evan was supportive of the idea, and bought me this book for Christmas.


It’s awesome.  It has a great variety of recipes, as well as a chapter on the very basics – it talks about different kinds of flours and yeasts and the process of baking bread in general.  Not to mention there are a lot of appealing and helpful photos, which is good for me!  Most of the bread I make will be from this book, it’s my starting place.  

I’m aiming for one loaf of bread a week, and one blog post about the wild success of that bread each week.  2013: The Year I Bake Bread.

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