Welcome to 2014!

I am officially putting my first year of baking and blogging into the success column for 2013.  I made a lot of progress this past year – I learned a lot about baking and bread, I learned to be brave and keep trying new things, and I found that as I tried new recipes, I enjoyed baking even more.  It’s also been really fun to see things in the store or on menus, and think to myself, “I bet I could bake that at home.”

I’m not sure yet what direction this blog will take this year – but I fully intend on continuing to bake, try new things, and to keep blogging about it all.  So stay tuned!

Since this is the internet, here’s a short list of things I learned this year about baking:

1.  Dinner rolls make fantastic breakfast sandwiches.

2.  An egg wash is important for a crust, so don’t forget it.  But don’t over do it.  Turns out, even though the directions call for an entire egg, you don’t have to use it all.

3.  Grill gloves are the best thing to use when baking hearth style bread in a 500 degree oven.  That shit is hot, and regular oven mitts aren’t cut out for the job.

4.  Not all commercial yeast is created equal – some is stronger and works a lot faster!

5.  No matter what the dough looks like, or how badly you think you messed it up, always bake it!

And, to wrap up the year, here’s a highlight reel of what Evan and I have been baking lately, but never got around to blogging:

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