baking equipment

This a list of some of the kitchen implements I use when I’m baking – I’m not talking mixing bowls here, but more specific baking kitchen tools.  It’s a list of things I have and use, and list of things that I’d like to buy at some point.

Danish Dough Whisk 


Disclaimer on this: it’s useful for the initial mixing of wet doughs, and that’s about it.  But it’s $7 and it looks neat and it’s fun to have.  *UPDATE: the metal part completely came off the handle, so we just threw the whole thing out.  It was fun while it lasted.

Bench Scraper

bench scraper

Super helpful for dividing dough and moving it, as well as scraping off scraps after you’ve kneaded.  It’s also helpful for measuring dough when you’ve rolled it out or are measuring how high a loaf ought to be.  It’s also useful for clean up and scraping off dried dough that just won’t come off any other way.

Baking Stone


Great to have for baking hearth-style breads, and homemade pizza! It’s made a world of difference in our homemade pizza game.

Loaf Pan


This loaf pan is great – it’s the perfect uniform size, and it’s heavy duty and sturdy.



I really want a couche for proofing loaves.  I’ve had a few experiences when loaves over-proofed (which was my fault for leaving them too long) or when loaves just expanded sideways instead of rising.  A couche is a stiff piece of linen that keeps the shape of the loaves as they rise.

Bread Lame 


This is the bread lame that we just bought.  It looks cool, it comes with extra razors, and it feels nice and sturdy in your hand.  Evan says that it cuts through the dough so much easier than any of our knives – it makes it a lot easier to get a good, deep slit in the dough just prior to baking.  This is from Provisions, from Food52.

Silicon Rolling Mat


This is another thing I think would be useful.  We have a great stainless steel prep table in our kitchen, but I don’t like to roll dough out directly on it – it’s easier for me to roll and knead dough on one of our cutting boards that I can then pick up and put in the sink to scrub clean.  A silicon mat like this would be even easier to clean.  And it has measurements printed on it, which is a bonus for when Evan is rolling out pie dough.


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